The social Cooperative “Titoli Minori” was born in 2000. The Cooperative has launched projects in two districts of Veneto (Venezia and Rovigo) concerning withdisability, entertainment and everyday life. Titoli Minori manages several assisted living centres and day-care centres for disabled people; an educational residential centre and many day-care centres for minors. Over the years, the Cooperative has been starting to manage childcare services such as kindergartens and supplementary services; entertainment and leisure services such as toy libraries and youth centres. Moreover, Titoli Minori has developed prevention projects about alcohol and narcotic abuse.


In the districts of Venice and Rovigo, with professionalism, courage and method, we build autonomy and well-being paths in order to meet people’s needs. We promote social inclusion through dynamic and creative proposals enhancing relationships within everyday life backgrounds.


New paths, same destination: “a livable world for everybody”



Childcare services, toy libraries, day-care centres, educational and family centre

Each minor, child or teenager is an universe of relationships, connections, dreams and hopes, who lives in the present and looks to the future. Their choices and experiences tell us about the future. For this reason, we endorse the relationship in our daily work with minors. The activities, both private and both with an agreement with the public authorities, include educational and recreational services for children, preadolescents and teenagers. All activities are seen as a mean of strengthening personal qualities; engaging
families in an active way and promoting social integration based on solidarity. The set of all these elements and relationships advances the well-being and prevention of any form of discomfort. A specific attention is paid to the local Network with its institutional and informal resources.


Assisted living centre, day-care centres, personalised care and supports (ICD)

Activities concern with management of independence spaces for the disabled person such as day-care centres, assisted living centre and personalised care and supports in residential settings (ICDs).
Project activities support disabled people to build new relationships and promote a greater awareness about the opportunity to realize a life as independent as possible.
Disabled people are encouraged to explore their interests and get themselves involved in community life, meeting up everyday tasks like shopping, attending college and working.
In this perspective, activities professional équipe develops a personalised plan based on specific characteristics of disable people and local community, to promote the culture of sharing and social inclusion.


Rapid response units, alcohol-testing, school programmes

The activities improve and support people’s education, communication, training and awareness of risks of alcohol abuse.
We work prevent and limit discomfort through teaching staff and social educators works.
Our specialists deal with students and families issues concerning with new dependencies such as youth themes: alcohol and substance abuse; affectivity; life skills; bullying and cyberbullying; different social dependencies.

  • Nuove dipendenze
  • Tematiche giovanili
  • Abuso di alcol e sostanze
  • Affettività
  • Life skills
  • Bullismo e cyberbullismo
  • Dipendenze da social


Our job particularly deals with disadvantaged people. The ingredients of our interventions are:

  • to accept the condition of crisis in the person looking for a job;
  • to explore the functional methods of people we meet;
  • to experiment with new forms of work practice;
  • to consolidate our path through modern coaching and tools;
  • to create new paths for personal growth and fulfillment.